About me

When I felt bereft at the prospect of months of Friday nights without Gardeners’ World, I knew I had to find another way to incorporate my hobby into long winter evenings.

Hence this blog was born; to record my ideas, excitement, successes and disasters in trying to create a beautiful little garden, and grow delicious food. I write about stuff for a living, but not gardening stuff, and this is my opportunity to do just that.

I’m a mid-thirties mum of one, living on the south edge of the Cotswolds with my other half, our toddler and our dog. We’re a few years into refurbing our first home; an ex-council terrace that had got kind of grotty.

The back garden began as a scrubby dumping ground, but the fella’s worked hard over the last couple of years to make  a deck, pergola and lawn. I’ve dug up sections to create two small borders.

In April 2013 I topped the allotment waiting list and inherited a lovely patch of cultivated space 10 minutes walk away.

My interest and excitement in gardening has been growing ever since.


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