Pick of the week

The opportunities for POTW posts are going to dry up very soon! Once again my succession planting plans have gone to pot, and currently there’s little in the ground to keep picking in the cold months. 

So I better enjoy what’s left of the summer planting. And this week – as I did a long-awaited tidy up around the plot – I realised the Savoy cabbage were hearting-up nicely. 

Learning a lesson from my winter cabbage earlier this year – when I left them in the ground too long and the slugs liquidised them – I decided to start cutting now.   

Left in the ground, this lovely crisp Savoy may’ve have grown larger. But a modest size is fine for us. We’re not a big family, and I don’t want half a cabbage festering in the fridge for weeks!

I love cabbage, and apart from the difficulty in washing the ridged and pitted texture of Savoy, it’s a lovely lovely thing. 

What was your Pick of the Week?


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