I’m heavier than I’d like at the moment, but I’d like to think my legs don’t look quite this bad in tights!

The lumpy-legs were the starting point for two scarecrows created by me and Miss MBaF (mainly me!) as part of our village’s 2nd annual scarecrow trail. Masterminded by probably the busiest woman I’ve ever known, it’s a lovely village event that I predict will grow and grow – in number and ambition of scarecrows!

Ours was entitled ‘Grow your own’ and consisted of scarecrow versions of myself and my daughter, sitting on the bench at the allotments, with a ‘trug’ of straw-and-fabric veggies next to us.

A terrible accident?!

Miss MBaF’s self portrait

And here they are! I was dead chuffed with how they turned out – and the mild weather during the week of the trail was very kind to them. The bench also lent itself very nicely to having photographs with families who were walking the trail (including us!).


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