Pick of the …Month!

It’s like exercise, this blogging lark. When you’re doing it routinely, regularly, when you’re ‘in the swing’ of it, it’s easy and pleasurable. But as soon as you stop for a week or two it ain’t half difficult to get going again.

As with exercise, I’m also finding it harder to motivate myself when the weather’s  dreary. There are fewer opportunities to get out in the earth and get inspired.

But, here I am, back and writing – at last.

And my absence was not caused entirely by laziness or apathy. We holidayed (in Malta – at last, a shot of hot sunshine!) for 10 days and there’ve been new routines to get into on our return as Miss MBaF began a new preschool.

But there are no more excuses now, so I thought I’d start with a long-awaited (I mean, two or three years) Pick of the Week Month, which is…..drum roll please…..SWEETCORN!!!

Sounds the horns! Fly the flags! Roll out the barrel! Swing the cats! It finally happened, I finally managed to grow numerous, healthy, sweetcorn plants! They managed to pollinate, they stood up to the gales (with help) and cold weather and they survived abandonment at the moment they were ripening! And on the day after we returned from holiday I picked the first perfectly ripe, tightly packed, wonderfully sweet, delicious cobs of corn.  

 I’m rather pleased, can you tell?


6 thoughts on “Pick of the …Month!

  1. OMG! I was reading your post thinking I didn’t blog much for a month, because I was holidaying in Malta (I live in Australia) and then you said it … you were holidaying in Malta too! Howz that for a coincidence?


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