Pick of the Week

Last week my favourite pick was a fridge essential – spring onions.

Like lemons, and feta cheese, I like to have these in stock at all times. Not only are they essential for the thai and stir-fry dishes we often knock-up for tea, they’re also a useful staple for salads, sandwiches, and fish dishes of various kinds. They look fresh and lovely chopped small  and sprinkled over almost any meal (maybe not porridge or cornflakes), and they’re much quicker and easier to prepare than the faff of peeling, chopping and crying over brown or red onions.

So, why I only sowed a small patch of spring onions (White Lisbon) is hard to explain! I cordoned off a little spare square at the allotment and sprinkled seed around. A few days later I noticed the characteristic indentations of a cat having walked/rolled around on the freshly raked soil (though no poos, thankfully), and a few weeks later I had just a handful of young spring onions growing away. I never got the time to sow more.

Sigh. Yet more poor judgement on the plot this year.

I identified our Friday night Thai dinner – celebrating the start of an extended holiday for Mr MBaF –  as the perfect use for the precious few bulbs, and raced up to the plot to collect them.

They were few, they were perfect, and now they’re gone.

What was your Pick of the Week? Tell us about your best harvest in the comments, or join me and blog your own PotW post.


7 thoughts on “Pick of the Week

  1. Well done, I’ve never managed to successfully grow spring onions, which is a shame because we love them too and I’m always buying them. If I have any spare onion sets I often plant them closer together in a small patch and harvest them at spring onion size, that’s the only way I can get them homegrown! Pick of the week for me definitely first sweetcorn.

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