Pick of the Week

My Pick of the Week is something lots of veg gardeners will be utterly bored with by now – but I haven’t even had the chance to get excited about.

We returned from a lovely couple of days in South Devon today – gate-crashing my big brother’s holiday to help him celebrate turning the big 5-0.

Heading off to this mini-jaunt in the sunshine of Saturday morning, we stopped in on the allotment to give everything a good drink, particularly the newly planted peas.

Brandishing our watering cans, Mr MBaF, Miss MBaF and I took a quick look around the plot, and I was pleased to see a few things putting on a bit more growth and yield.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll notice I’ve been getting pretty frustrated and downhearted with the season so far. Slow to start in the cold spring, my plot has never really caught up – and must be suffering from my failure to manure it this year.

So after the promising tour on Saturday, on our return from Devon today I was keen to head up there and harvest some veggies for my dinner tonight. Mr MBaF is on nightshifts this week so I knew I could get away with a vegtastic dinner!

Finally – FINALLY! – I had some decent-sized courgettes on both my yellow AND green courgette plants. I mean, really? Courgettes? Any muppet can grow bloody courgettes! But mine have been so very long in getting their act together.

So they’re my Pick of the Week – the long-awaited and much appreciated courgettes in my dinner tonight! Simply brushed with olive oil, seasoned and griddled – served with pasta, salad, green beans and feta cheese.

When I get my glut of courgettes like everyone else (!!), I’ll try making courgette spaghetti/noodles that’s all the rage right now.

What’s your Pick of the Week been? Tell me in the comments box, or blog about it if you’re that way inclined ;o)


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