Pick of the Week

Here we are again, on a Sunday, looking back at a week when I barely had time to get up to the plot at all. Sob sob. 

However I did manage to tempt Miss MBaF up there after picking her up from Nursery on Tuesday. She was persuaded by the prospect of taking the first pickings of carrots. 

I had no idea what we  would find, but given my general disappointment about this year’s performance I had pretty low expectations.  

We positioned ourselves next to a short row of feathery tops, took a firm hold, wiggled and jiggled the plant and ‘pop’! 

A lovely, slender, finger-sized carrot. Not chomped, not forked, just right for a sweet mouthful of two. 

Both Miss MBaF and I were delighted!

We continued until we had enough for tea. A few were almost non-existent, and some were forked, but the overall result wasn’t too shabby at all. 

Miss MBaF enjoyed a couple raw before bed, while Mr MBaF and I scoffed the rest with dinner. 

What was your pick of the week???


One thought on “Pick of the Week

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    Lovely looking bunch of carrots. I managed to pick tomatoes, beans, Swiss chard, parsley and squash so far this week. I’m waiting on a few radishes that are almost ready. Take care and happy gardening to ya, from Laura ~


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