Pick of the Week(s)

Where has it all gone wrong?? My plot seems to have so much bare earth on it still. I’m not really sure how that’s happened. I think I’m going to blame poor spring weather, over-cautious planting and a lack of potatoes to make the plot look lush!

It feels like there’s nowhere near enough time left to make this a bumper year, so I suppose I shall have to be thankful for small mercies/harvests.

I’ve also shirked on my blogging – having missed a couple of PotWs and not having nearly enough time on the allotment to have anything much to write about.

Oh woe is me!

…so to catch-up. My Picks for the past two weeks have to include potatoes. I planted only first earlies this year – Arran Pilot and Sharpe’s Express. The yield has been poor – just a few per plant – but I think that’s my fault for not manuring them at planting time…I know, I know. However, when I manage not to overcook them they are delicious, with a knob of butter melted over. Mmmmmmmm.

Today, in a quick and rainy dash up to the plot to grab a few spuds for my dinner tonight (the above picture is NOT tonight’s individual portion!!) I spied that my something-like-cavolo-nero-kale-donated-by-a-neighbour looked ready for its first harvest.

You can almost smell the health-givingness of these plants, and the intense deep dark green just screams VITAMINS! at you.

The flavour of this cut-and-come-again brassica is strong and earthy. I had it simply steamed with a few Sharpe’s and a pan-fried fillet of salmon, but these leaves could take strong flavours – I’m thinking garlic, strong cheese, or chorizo.

Next week’s Pick has absolutely got to be blackcurrants – they’re all ripe on the bushes, just looking at me accusingly like “you never have time for us anymore!”. I just need the rain to stop, and a couple of spare hours…. pleeeease


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