In a Vase on a Monday

Well actually, this was a Friday vase, which was deconstructed and transported 150-odd miles as a bunch of blooms for my Mum during our weekend visit.

But you didn’t need to know that.

It’s pinks and greens this week, as my container-grown Achillea was ready to pick, along with the first of my Sweetpeas from the allotment and Astrantia from the border. I’ve added some deep green in the form of unripe Allium seedheads.

I deliberately chose some highly-fragranced sweetpeas to add to my plot this year (Painted Lady and Spanish Dancer) and they really do smell fab. The Achillea has a nice scent too, and it’s much more intensely coloured than the photo on the garden centre tag gave it credit for.

The ‘scent’ from the Astrantia, however, is absolutely rancid! Is this one of those smells that is sensed differently according to your genetics? Do some people like it?? For me, it’s definitely not a flower to use too much of indoors, and probably needs to be outgunned by strongly scented choices.

My cut flower patch has almost been exhausted by this weekly feature. I’ll have to add more varieties next year if I want to keep taking part.

In a Vase on a Monday is run by lovely blogger Rambling in the Garden. Join in!


2 thoughts on “In a Vase on a Monday

  1. I really like your vase – great choice of flowers – my allium’s look just like yours – never thought to use them in a vase though… I’ve never grown Astrantia or Achillea but will have to see if I can find them/check the scent out first… I’ve got my sweetpeas by the front door – I love their scent 🙂

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