Windy ridge

This is the description I saw a facebook friend (and fellow allotmenteer) use to describe where we live. It’s entirely appropriate, and the plot is certainly feeling the effects this year.

As I’ve mentioned several times (yawn), this year is last chance saloon for sweetcorn. I’m pretending to be ruthless, to scare them into production, but I’m giving them every chance of success.

First I bought seedlings, rather than sowing myself, then I potted on and hardened off – waiting for the worst of cold to pass before planting up at the plot. Then I ordered some mesh to protect them from the worst of the winds.

[Did I ever?! I’ve got enough of the stuff to go round the whole flippin’ allotment! And it’s a right arse to wrestle with and cut off what I need.]

So here are the little darlings in their special shelter. They’re looking really good so far, so fingers crossed for some cobs!

The climbing french beans next to the sweetcorn have been looking very sad and not putting on much growth, so I’ve now swaddled them with some mesh too – and hopefully they’ll start going for it.

The difference the wind makes is shown pretty clearly by my two wigwams of sweetpeas. Top picture is furthest from the windy side – growing strongly and already producing some flowers.

Bottom shot is the wigwam that was – admittedly – planted a bit later, but they’ve been properly battered and are feeling the effects.


I’m considering protecting these little fellas with my never-ending supply of mesh – but do I really want a bright green fence all around the plot?

Maybe the wind could just stop winding for a moment, and give everything a chance…


3 thoughts on “Windy ridge

  1. I know exactly where you are coming from 😦

    I’m not sure I’ve seen mess but I think. I need some. And maybe I need to get some sweetcorn seedlings quick as I have had no luck with germinating seeds….


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