Pick of the Week – garlic

Hold on to your hats, because it’s the second instalment of Pick of the Week!

I was chuffed to see fellow blogger Gardening Hands joining in from the Southern Hemisphere last week. Hello down there!

Pickings are still slim on the plot – everything is on go-slow thanks to the cold, windy spring and early summer – but this week I had a special harvest.

I’d almost forgotten about my garlic (Germidour). I’ve never grown it before but it’s been modestly plodding along since before Christmas.

I hadn’t even read when to harvest it – so it was lucky my allium expert neighbour was working his plot on the same day as me this week. He told me that when a few of the lower leaves have dried up they should be ready to dig. And they were!

The following day Miss MBaF and I worked together to dig them up (me) and lay them in a lovely line all along the path (her). I gathered them back together and popped them in the boot of the car – and the pair of us giggled at the incredible stinkiness of the short drive home.

The bulbs are a good size, and have a lovely purple tinge to the leaves. Now I’m leaving them to dry out before working out how to string them together.


3 thoughts on “Pick of the Week – garlic

  1. I’ve not tried tying garlic up before. Mine keeps well in my dining room but maybe I should give it a go while I still have the garlic leaves attached to the bulbs.


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