In a vase on a Monday

This is the first time I’ve participated in this meme, started by Rambling in the Garden, but as my garden becomes more colourful I hope I’ll have enough blooms to become a regular. 

There’s nothing quite as lovely as having fresh flowers in the house. And it’s a revelation to me that with your own supply you can go wild and have them in more than just the living room!


I put these two together for picnic tables at my neighbourhood’s Big Lunch yesterday. 

They contain Sweet Williams (grown from seed collected by Mum last year), Scabious (from Miss MBaF’s ‘tyre garden’ at the allotment), Alchemilla Molis flower spikes (from the front garden), and flower spikes from those ‘furry silver bedding plants’ (!) – some of which I planted with cyclamen in the winter, and then forgot about. 

Now I’m going to put the small vase in my bedroom. Ooo get me!!


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