Guerrilla gardening

Picture my defiant hip-hop stance as I write this, struggling with keyboard strokes due to the crossed-arms-across-chest and Beastie Boys finger pose. 

This week I took my trowel and went under cover, in an act of pleasant rebellion…to green-up the local playground.

Awww, how sweet! (Hip-hop stance now dissolving).


newly planted border in the playground, it doesnt look like much…yet

OK so it wasn’t entirely guerrilla; I knew the preschool staff were keen to get some plants in newly refurbished (dug-over) border. And the staff and kids caught me in the act of planting, and were very encouraging. 

Today I finished off by making some big bright labels for the plants (all spare seedlings and a geranium moved out of my border). 


We visit the playground A LOT with Miss MBaF, so I will be able to keep an eye and do some deadheading as needed. 

Maybe I’ll even become Head Gardener. Even if only of a 10ft x2ft plot!!


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