One last chance

Returning home today from a short-but-sweet family break, I discovered the postie had left an exciting parcel. 

My sweetcorn (Swift) plugs have arrived! 


Could’ve done with a reminder email from Suttons (maybe it’s in my spam?) – imagine if we’d been away for a week! 

But no harm done, they look plenty verdant still. 

This is truly the very last chance I’m giving sweetcorn on the allotment. For the last two years I’ve been thwarted by poor germination, and poor performance from the remaining few plants. 

So I’ve resorted to buying seedlings instead. They’re a short variety, which I thought might cope better with our exposed location, and I’ve planned the plot to shield them with climbing beans. 

First I’ll pot them up, so I can wait a week or so for it to get a touch warmer before planting out. 

But mark my words sweetcorn, this is absolutely your last chance. 


6 thoughts on “One last chance

  1. I’ve never grown corn, but I understand it’s notoriously slow to germinate. I germinated some for a friend this year, soaking in a mixture of aspirin and camomile tea for two days prior to sowing in wee pots. They took about 5 days to show, but they did show. I hope these are successful for you! I’m hoping to have more room to grow it next year.

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  2. Your little cornies look healthy. I had similar problems with germination. And the kicker was waiting till they were up to discover big gaps in the rows. What’s worked well for me has been germinating seeds indoors between layers of wet paper towels kept moist in a plastic bag. At least that way you always know that what you put into the ground has sprouted.

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