Root of all evil

I once heard (or did I dream it?) that bindweed roots used to be known as ‘the devil’s guts’.

If your plot doesn’t suffer from it you may not understand the agony and ecstasy of bindweed.

The agony: today, seeing the first of the year’s green shoots of the stuff. Standing proud, heart-shaped leaves curled into the stem before it flattens out and STARTS. TO. SPREAD. You know you shouldn’t, but you gently pull. And it snaps off in your hand. You just KNOW that underground it’s gonna branch and branch and send up five shoots to get you back for that one you just broke.

A sodding bindweed root peeping up from the soil

A sodding bindweed root peeping up from the soil

The ecstasy: when you dig, and you find buried underground that satanic intestine. You forget about the digging, you get down on hands and knees and you start channeling like a mole to follow that damn root through the earth. After several inches BINGO! You’ve found the trunk that your branch was attached to, with loads of other branches attached. It’s like finding the secret lair of your evil nemesis. Gently, gently, eeeease it out – and leave it on the soil to die a slow death in the drying sunshine…..mwa ha ha hahaha

Or is it just me???


8 thoughts on “Root of all evil

  1. Haha…brilliant! My plot is riddled with the stuff! All around are merrily rotavating while I dig down to hell trying to pull out as much of the rotten ‘guts’ as possible. Loads starting to pop up today grrrrrrr


  2. Definitely not just you! I once dug out a large pile and spread it all out over an empty bed to dry in the sun, I’m sure my allotment neighbour thought I was mad, but it did trick and killed it off. Very satisfying. I think I’ve finally got rid of it apart from the odd patch, but couch grass is my new nemesis.


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