Easter bunny brings purple sprouting broccoli

I spied with my little eyes a few florets of purple sprouting broccoli appearing a few days ago. 

I must admit I find harvesting PSB a bit confusing. Is it ok to chop them while they’re still really leafy and stubby, or if I’m supposed to wait until the stems are slimmer and longer or summink??

The RHS website said wait til they’re fully formed, but before the mini flowers that make up the floret head start to open. Well the latter bit is clear, but ‘fully formed’ is open to interpretation. 

Anyway, sod it, this afternoon I harvested a handful of short leafy stubby stems and they tasted bloody good in my linguine with anchovies, chilli, garlic and parmesan. 

luckily I was only cooking for one tonight!

Happy Easter. X 


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