Blind daffs


All but three of the daffodil bulbs I planted in the front garden with Miss MBaF have come up ‘blind’ i.e. They haven’t flowered. 

‘Blind’ non-flowering daffodils

They’d been recycled from pots, where they’d languished for a few years, not flowering. 

I thought it was a problem of overcrowding, and that separating them and planting them in the border would cure all ills. 

Nope. Nothing doing. 

Dug up, binned, new bulbs in the autumn. 

On the upside:

-the new daffs in the back garden are lovely. And they’re on short stems – so better suited to our windy spot. 

– the primroses are going great guns everywhere  

– I noticed the first magnolia flower bud peeping through its downy jacket today

magnolia peepage, and the sea of primroses below


5 thoughts on “Blind daffs

    • Hi Helen, good suggestion but three have flowered, and all my new ones in the back garden are good, so I think it was ok. Mr MBaF made a good point that they may’ve needed a couple of years in well nourished soil to replenish the energy to flower. They were so neglected for years. He may be right- it’s certainly plausible in my head. However, I’m too impatient to wait and see!


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