In the night, gardening

The last few days have been wet and wild. Not in a good way. 

It makes little odds to me because I have too much work on to do any gardening anyway. But at lunchtime today, I made a brief visit to the allotment. Oh dear. 

Empty compost bins (not mine) and their lids all over the place, the plastic tunnel covering my first sowing of carrots and beets lying all twisted on my  neighbour’s land, my brassica netting flapping in the wind. 

I didn’t have the time or energy to sort out all the chaos so I stuffed the tunnel into my storage box and retreated. 

But tonight, in the warmth and calm of my home, there was still a task I could get on with. Potting on the toms. 

I’d had a peek at their root systems yesterday, and decided they were extensive enough to transplant but still easy to prize apart. 


So, with multipurpose compost on the kitchen table, pots grabbed from a dark shed, an old roasting tin and a newspaper tablecloth, I carefully carefully separated the seedlings and buried them deep in the little pots. 

Tomatoes – apparently – develop roots from the little hairs on their stem when they come into contact with soil. So burying the plants deeply into the soil encourages a better root system. I’ll repeat the process (up to the first branch if I have the depth of compost) when they go into their final growing position. 

There’s an inch or two more stem under that soil!

Ps. If you ‘get’ the title you’re probably a UK parent or grandparent of a preschool or primary school child. If not, check out this solid gold craziness!


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