I’m not digging, someone tell me it’s ok

I forgot I’m supposed to dig the allotment. 

In previous years the arrival of a truckload of cow poo at lotsville has kicked off the spade-barrow-dig chain of events. 

This year, for good reasons, the muck didn’t come (til now). And thus, I pottered around without a care. 

Now work has gone bonkers and I don’t have the digging hours at my disposal. On top of that my back feels rubbish and I can’t face the pain. 

So I’m not gonna. Not until I need to anyway, bit by bit as I need to sow or transplant. 

I feel like a cheat, a maverick, a lazy git. 

Someone tell me it’s gonna be ok!!  


7 thoughts on “I’m not digging, someone tell me it’s ok

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    it’ll be alright… and perhaps, ask for help.. I would, if I could help ya….

    Take care and happy gardening (when you’re up too it) to ya, from Laura ~

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    • TBH I’m a bit of a control freak and I don’t like asking Mr MBaF as he works long hours and has a huge list of DIY jobs to do! To be fair to him though he did actually offer to help today! However, I’m just going to use my lunch breaks (I work from home) to do a little bit everyday in the places that most urgently need it. I dug a few square feet today as a result 🙂

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