I only popped out for some seeds…

Breakfast at the garden centre today. Part of the promise to Miss MBaF of a fun morning out with Mummy!

We were really there for more sweet pea seeds. I get so focused on flowering plants’ colour, habit and size, that I’ve tended to neglect choosing flowers for their scent. This is definitely an area I want to improve on. Having a scent-filled garden – and the occasional fragrant treat at lotsville – would be wonderful.

At the sweet pea ‘bar’ I let Miss MBaF steer the colour choice, and I refined the decision to those that were described as having great scent. We ended up with Spanish Dancer and Painted Lady – sounds like a good night out in Soho! 

Our racy ladies in their loo rolls

 Then I got trapped by the allure of cheap baby plants…

I’ve been thinking about my window box strategy for a while. Mr MBaF made five wonderful window boxes for me when we moved here. We have two that face south (whoopee!) and three that inevitably face north (boo-hiss).

I used begonias on the shady side last year. They did ok, but frankly I hate most begonias so I need to find an alternative. Today there was a great selection of trailing fuschias, which the labels claimed do fine in cold shade! So I bought about three varieties of large flowering trailing fuschias,  all with partly white blooms that I hope will shine out of the northerly gloom.

For the sunny side, Miss MBaF picked some lovely looking pink Calibrachoa (mini petunia-like flowers) ‘hot pink star’ for a little hedgehog planter she was given. I thought I would continue the theme for the windows, adding some Calibrachoa ‘cabaret purple glow’ and some white Bacopia for a cool hue.

Because these plants are so young (and £1.49 each) I need to pamper them until it warms up a bit. So they’re squished into a couple of dishes on the inside of the window for now.

The future window box lovelies

The south-facing kitchen box today

Finally, I treated myself to a new set of bypass secateurs 🙂


2 thoughts on “I only popped out for some seeds…

  1. TheDigger says:

    Sounds like you had a pretty successful shopping trip! 🙂 I like your sweet peas. My eldest chose some similar ones last year, we’ve just sown the last of the seeds.

    Liked by 1 person

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