Primroses – not all created equal

Last autumn – which I don’t think is  the recommended time for this job – I lifted and divided overgrown clumps of primroses in my garden. 

The border at the front edge of my front garden has largely been a waste of space before now, apart from the swathe of naturalised primroses that put on a lovely spring show. However even they needed a bit of attention, so I split a load and replanted them around the front and back borders. 

Doing well in the back borders, but LH colour is weak

I split them long after flowering and hadn’t marked them to remind me which parent clumps had the best colour. Consequently the flowers I’m seeing now vary in quality. Some rich and bold, some fairly insipid. 

An uninspiring specimen

So I dug up and ditched those that aren’t adding much joy to the display, and generally tidied up the foliage. 


Tidier, but missing some yellow to match that single crocus!

The missing colour is the classic yellow; a zing to offset the rich purples that dominate. I’ve transplanted a couple from the remaining untouched clumps under my front-garden magnolia, but perhaps I’ll supplement with a few buttery primroses from the garden centre too. 

Can’t wait to see how my new daffs will do out there – the flower buds are heading skywards, so I shouldn’t have to wait long to find out.


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