Prince of parsnips. Ta-daahhhhh!

Popped up the ‘lot to do a bit of tidying this afternoon. While I was there a chicken was roasting in the oven at home. So passing the parsnip row with fork in hand I thought I might as well have a dig around…

I’d assumed the ground would be too hard to harvest the last few ‘snips until later this month. But as my foot pressed down, the fork sunk easily into the soil. A lever here, another there, and the most magnificent parsnip popped up out of the muck.

The prince of parsnips

The prince of parsnips

A single root (bar the odd whisker), straight as can be. It wouldn’t win any beauty contests but by ‘eck it was massive!

Best of all, after a 3 minute boil and 40 minutes roasting in the chicken tin, it was soft and sweet and delicious. And of course, there was so much of it that it’ll be roast parsnip again tomorrow.

The roast parsnip takes its place on the plate

The roast parsnip takes its place on the plate


6 thoughts on “Prince of parsnips. Ta-daahhhhh!

    • Hi Julie, thanks!

      Parsnips are certainly fairly slow, but they’re no trouble at all. Mine came from young plants that my Dad had grown from seed in biodegradable pots. I planted them straight in the ground and then pretty much forgot about them until harvest time. I watered them a bit over the summer.

      They’re not my favourite veg by a long shot, but the difference in flavour from shop-bought was huge. So if you like them you must give growing them a try.

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