Spring into action

Just as a shiny new pencil case and stationery would give me a thrill before the forthcoming school year, tonight I’ve enjoyed sorting out my seed-storage before the next growing season.

Nothing fancy, but a £3 transparent plastic box with 12 homemade month dividers (tip from Gardeners’ World Mag) have replaced the jumble of packets in an old Quality Street tin.

Thing is, 90% of my packets have sowing times in March or April…I’m already having a mild panic about how I’m going to manage it. I’m thinking, no trips away, no work, and set up camp at the ‘lotty for 8 weeks!

Seed packet filing

March and April looking very busy in my new seed packet file

How does everyone organise their seeds ‘n’ stuff? Do other UK readers covet Monty Don’s gawjus seed cabinet as seen on BBC Gardener’s World….or is that just me?!


3 thoughts on “Spring into action

    • My instinct is to alphabetise, but I thought the idea of sorting into sowing months was nifty. However, most things have sowing periods of several months – and of course that can change to an extent with the weather – so perhaps it’ll trip me up!


  1. Mine are in an old biscuit tin supposedly in alphabetical order though they do get a bit messed up. I could do with a better system. Definitely covet Monty’s seed cabinet, along with the rest of his potting shed!


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