Dreams and schemes

First post, first confession. My little back-garden borders have had two growing seasons, but already at least three planting schemes. My inexperience, indecisiveness, over-excitement, whims, fads and impulse-buying at the garden centre have not been the best recipe for a gorgeous garden so far.

So I’m going to bite the bullet and commit to screen my ambitions for my soil-filled spaces in 2015. I’m hoping this will strengthen my resolve to stick to my guns, let the poor plants have time to do their thing, and maybe even save me some money.

I want the back garden to be a flower-filled oasis of soul-restoring loveliness. Full stop.

…errrm by which I mean, a long flowering season with blocks of colour from spring to late summer. I’ll post more about the planting scheme in the months to come, but briefly I’ve tried to move from lots of different plants packed in, to fewer types given more space and light to thrive. The key planting groups are primrose, daffs, lychnis, hardy geraniums and penstamons.

In the allotment, I’m really hoping the back-breaking hours I put in clearing couch grass this summer will pay off with a wonderful softfruit harvest. Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries will be great fun to pick with my daughter, and enjoyed by us all. And they cost a bomb in the shops.

Featured image

Just one of the couch grass mountains produced from my weeding efforts this summer!

Inspired by Rachel de Thame I’m going to donate some veg-growing space to cut flowers. It’s such a treat having flowers in the house, and giving them to loved ones, but I just don’t have the space to grow for cutting at home. I think it’s the maincrop spuds that’ll get the boot.

Finally, I’m going to have one last attempt at growing sweetcorn. Year 1: barely any germination. Year 2: poor germination, a second sowing, and only two cobs worth picking! This year I’ll do a bit of reading and start early.

That’s it. Those are my main objectives, let’s see how we get on.


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